Playing Pool

Many, many years ago I played pool often.  Fun was had.  I have my own cue, which I bought at a flea market around many, many years ago.  Nothing special, and partially held together with J. B. Weld, but I like it.  Yes, I have dreamed of turning my piece of 25+ year old purple heart into a cue.  I bought the wood expressly for that purpose after all.  Somehow the money to have a cue made has never made its way into that piece of wood.  The potential is always there, but the wonder is, “will I really like it?”, “will I suck playing with it?”  You get the idea.  So, like an atom, lots of potential but basically inert.

This evening, because of my brother Garry’s request, I am going to join the APA and be on his team.  Nervousness ensues.  I have never played for money and have only ever played in one ‘fun’ tournament at the place where I used to play pool.  This is league play.

My family, wife, son, sister and I, joined a bowling league for fun, but it was not joining the National Bowling whatever, it was a local alley and no one had visions of grandeur – or if they did they were probably in the wrong place.  This group has sent a team to Las Vegas for competition.


Can it stay fun if it is competition?

I guess my fears are unjustified.  Writing it down forces one to think about things and I am sure it will be fun.  Maybe I will be amazing.  More likely I will play as I played before; good against good players and bad against the bad.  The concentration of a good player always helped me focus and improved my game.  Somehow I need to figure out how to keep that concentration with lousy or distracted players.  Learning will happen, this is a good thing.

Now if only I can understand the league rules!  Foul?  Safety?  Only call the pocket on the 8?


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