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My wife and I spent the better part of a day in Dayton, Tennessee on one of our vacations. A small town that, in 1925, held one of the biggest trials in the world – prior to O. J. Simpson. A trial reported around the world deciding on evolution in the classroom. It seems that, at least in America, that trial is still going on.

Well that trial is the biggest thing that ever happened to that town and they are still milking it for as much as they can. Some of the landmarks on the brochure were priceless. The town is worth a visit if for no other reason than the history. If you are the kind of person who will drive a few miles out of your way to see a giant chicken or the biggest Sombrero, Dayton is for you.

Go for the real estate, stay for the funerals. (reference to one of our observations, more details at


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